Kerry Cliffs are widely accepted as the most spectacular cliffs in Kerry.

The cliffs stand over 1000ft above the wild Atlantic and were formed in a desert environment 400 million years ago. Out to the west stand the amazing Skellig Rocks one of only three UNESCO world heritage sites in Ireland. Of course the Kerry Cliffs are the closest viewing point to the great rocks and also the famous Puffin Island. Allied with these facts as you stand at the summit of this mystical place and breath in the freshest of air, deep in to your lungs from the wild Atlantic and observe this natural wonder. You can relax and unwind and observe the majestic views from here which reach out for 30 miles of the surrounding areas. Many Twitchers come here to us to enjoy and observe the thriving colonies of cliff birds.

Our cliffs here in Portmagee provide you the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular location in a safe and natural environment. We are located just off the Skellig ring in Portmagee and the cliffs are just a 10 minute walk from our entrance.

Allow a minimum of 1 hour for a visit to the Kerry Cliffs, many visitors spend a few hours relaxing and bird watching for many hours and even return the next day or another day during their vacation. It is recommended to stay overnight in the local village of Portmagee (Irelands top tourist town 2012) to make the most of your visit; to enjoy the local culture and traditional Irish music.